Why Learn CPR and First Aid for Dogs?

CPR and First Aid for dogs is something every dog owner should know!

Dogs are generally curious. They often chew on things they shouldn’t or get into places they shouldn’t be! Your dog’s curiosity could result in needing emergency care. It is important to know CPR and First Aid for dogs so that you can be prepared to help quickly and productively.

Because the Vet May Not Be Near or Immediately Available – You May Need to Perform CPR or First Aid for Dogs.

Veterinary professionals are skilled, valuable people. But they may not be nearby when your dog needs help, or it may take significant time to travel to them. Therefore, it is critically important for your dog’s well being that you have knowledge and skills to provide help anywhere you are!

For so many of us, our dog(s) is or are our best friend(s). So, should our canine companion need help, having “bow wow know-how” is highly valuable.

What Will You Learn?

The DoggyCPR.com curriculum focuses on CPR and First Aid for dogs. Specifically, you will learn how to deal with emergencies, common injuries and illnesses common to dogs, both large and small.

Our CPR and First Aid for dogs training covers:

  • Approaching an ill or injured animal, including emergency scene safety, personal protective equipment and restraints.
  • Initial assessment, including rescue breathing, choking relief, checking for a dog’s heartbeat, how to perform CPR on a dog, bleeding control, and dealing with a dog in shock.
  • Injuries to muscles and bones, including assessing for and dealing with head, neck and back injuries, and limb injuries.
  • Soft tissue injuries and wound care, including penetrating objects and punctures, avulsion, closed wounds, burns and eye injuries.
  • Medical emergencies, including various types of poisons, anaphylactic shock, and electric shock.
  • Environmental emergencies, including animal bites, insect bites, snake bites, ticks, parasites and worms. Also includes instruction on emergencies due to heat or cold.
  • Common dog illnesses or conditions, including allergies, antifreeze poisoning, chocolate poisoning, distemper, ear infections, rabies, seizures, urinary tract blockage and more.
  • Additional warning signs, suggestions for building a pet First Aid kit, how to induce vomiting, how to administer medication and knowing what is normal for your dog.

Why learn CPR and First Aid for dogs? Because knowing CPR and First Aid for dogs will make your dog safer!

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