Learn CPR and First Aid for Dogs

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CPR and First Aid training for dogs.

Do you know what to do if your dog becomes injured or sick? Do you know CPR or First Aid for dogs?

Learn CPR and First Aid for dogs

Our dog-specific CPR and First Aid training will give you “bow wow know-how.” This training could help you save your dog’s life, minimize trauma and/or reduce your dog’s recovery time after an injury or illness.

CPR and First Aid for your dog

Save Your Dog’s Life

Immediate care could be the difference between life or death. Learn how to perform rescue breathing and CPR on your dog, control bleeding, combat heat stroke and other dog first aid skills.

Minimize Trauma

Your dog can’t tell you what’s wrong (at least not in human terms). Learn what behaviors to watch for in your dog and how to check vital signs so that you can help your dog begin healing as quickly as possible.

Reduce Recovery Time

Providing First Aid for dogs can make the veterinarians’ job easier, especially after an injury or other emergency with your dog. Dog-specific CPR and First Aid can help your dog recover faster and may save you money on vet bills.

What is Dog-specific CPR and First Aid for dogs? It is the immediate care we give to an injured or ill dog until competent veterinary care is available.

What Will You Learn?

This program concentrates on CPR and basic First Aid for dogs. It also includes common illness and other problems that your negatively affect your dog on a day-to-day basis. This information does not replace veterinary care. Rather, this instructs you how to save your dog’s life during an emergency or to minimize its trauma.

This convenient online course allows you to learn CPR and First Aid for dogs at your own speed and at your own pace. Accordingly, you can pause….fast forward…rewind….as needed. Access the training on a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Straight-to-the point videos, clear diagrams and interactive quizzes help keep you engaged and help you retain this valuable information.

There are many reasons to learn CPR and First Aid for dogs. Specifically, our reason is Banjo. He is our five year-old Redbone Coonhound (Where the Red Fern Grows has long been one of our favorite books). Banjo has had his share of mishaps (including getting a large stick impaled in his chest while running along a lakeshore in east Texas). So, knowing CPR and First Aid for dogs is important to us, and we want to share this “bow wow know-how” with you.

CPR and First Aid for your dog

Who Loves This Course?

Nicole Fralick, owner of Waggin’ & Waddlin’ LLC in Braintree, Massachusetts says, “I loved the DoggyCPR.com course! I’ve taken a CPR Cert in the past for both humans and pets. I think this is super informative, straight forward, and a great training for anyone who has pets that want to be prepared for any sort of emergency!”

Brandy Emmert, owner of Four Seasons for Paws LLC in Brighton, Michigan says, “I just finished the course!  I did, indeed, find it to be very helpful!  And thorough.  Every pup parent would definitely benefit from learning this information!”  

The American Safety and Health Institute prepared the curriculum in this educational program, which is made available by CardioCare CPR Training, an authorized ASHI training center since 2000.

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